Where do I find the results from Stockholm contest?

Thanks for the organizers, I had a good time. I have been trying to calculate the height of the hall (15 meter disk as FAI rules state), and it seems to be 15 meters and 3 centimeters high :-(

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September is approaching, and I heard some preliminary info on the dates for this year. I wonder when will you fix these and put up the flyindoorsweden-website for this year?

Also, if you could raise the floor of the hall 5 centimeters, it would make a perfect category 2 site... (just joking! But actually when I tried to fit the 15 meter circle into the graphs I made of the ceiling, I wonder would it drop the height to cat II, if there was a speaker or some other structure hanging below 15m in the very centre of the hall....).

How was the contest in 2012?

Hello Indoor friends!

The planned contest in Stockholm Sätra 2012-09-16 turned inte more of a practice session for different reasons. I hope everybody attending had a good time. Unfortunately Catharina and I were enjoying the hot beach in Bodrum Turkey that week. The trip was booked a long time ago, and it was not possible to change the date :-(

Here you will find some very good pictures from Sätra:


Best Wishes

I should fix a few appointments for September 2013 and would like to come to Stockholm also, so are there plans for the date for the contest this year?

Any news on the date of the Stockholm/Sätra contest?

... I have been considering the Malmö one, but the travel is a bit too tedious from Helsinki. In principle I could fly to Copenhagen in the morning and back in the evening, but with all waiting for the luggage etc. the time table would be quite tight, and crossing the bridge to Sweden is quite expensive, too. So Stockholm would be a more convenient travel...

Will there be an indoor contest in Stockholm this fall?

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